Friday, 25 March 2011

Trees and Wees and Weeds and Seeds

Got home today to discover someone had left an enormous 15 foot tree prostrate on the driveway.

And then I realised it was the living willow arch kit! (Ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Friday. How efficient is that?!)

It is now lying in the hallway - well, the hallway and part of the kitchen. It was a right old malarkey getting it into the house, I can tell you. Scared a couple of cats in the process, not to mention challenged my spatial awareness to the hilt. But I didn't want to leave it lying on the drive in case someone decided to make off with it.

My Shewee arrived today also. Tiddling freedom at the allotment awaits me! It's machine washable, too, which was rather surprising. (The Shewee, not the allotment.)

The allotment, I am pleased, nay proud to announce, is the most weed-free it has been in the 5 years since we took charge (or not, as previous years' weed growth suggests). We are determined to keep it weed-free this year (don't laugh), so starting with a clean canvas, so to speak, is a canny move.

One thing I have been expecting to arrive all week is the selection of seeds we ordered 2 weeks ago. An e-mail sent inquiring after their whereabouts or hereabouts or thereabouts elicited the response that they had indeed been despatched within the five days stated but that a second lot would be sent for free just in case the first lot didn't arrive. The possibility of 6 packets of bean seeds arriving fills me with a mixture of excitement and dread. Especially as Andy has used my root-trainers to plant leeks in. Honestly, turn your back for 5 minutes and see what happens?

So there we go. An end of the week full of 'eeeeeeeeeee's'

Because the bees have been flying well, too, and I am falling more and more in love with Radio Three (which also rhymes). Plants are turning green by the hour, the sun is shining so much I can see the Malarkey Manor windows need a clean.

Now, what shall we have for tea.....?

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Bob said...

My Chamomile lawn is also now weed free, my leaf cutter bees have not yet hatched or whatever they do and i dont want to discuss my wee thingy - so i too can empathise with the eeeeeee's, however, Radio Three???!!!! Thats going a step too far surely!