Tuesday, 24 May 2011


It has suddenly occurred to me that as many people from beyond the land of England read this blog, some of you may be bemused by the posting about Mrs Pumphrey's latest hat acquisition.

If I say 'Royal Wedding' and 'Princess Beatrice' and maybe 'antlers' and 'wild circles' and 'slapped on the front of her forehead like a martian' and 'google it' and 'e-bay' and 'whoever told her that was a good idea?' then that might be clue enough.

If it isn't, then hurrah for you having saved your eyes from the horror of the hat, and my advice is best to keep it that way!

'How rude!' says Mrs Pumphrey. 'It's a lovely hat!'

'You have been picking up Radio 5 Live on it all afternoon,' I say.

'An added bonus,' sniffs Mrs Pumphrey.

And there shall end the saga of the hat.

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