Saturday, 14 May 2011


A birthday boy celebrating his 40th birthday on a barge on a river eating very lovely, posh food.

Uncapping the first of seven heavy frames of honey ready to go into the honey extractor.

The first ever jars of Much Malarkey Manor honey courtesy of Queen Philibert and her hard-working team.



Olly said...

Congratulations on your first honey crop! Don't make the mistake I did and give it all away to friends and relations. This is where your bees start paying you back!

Denise said...

Well, quite! It's surprising how many people 'volunteer' to take a jar - but as you can see, our first crop is quite tiny. I took a jar around to our next-door neighbours as they have been very enthusiastic about our bees - they've even set up a special watering place for them!

I reckon our honey currently has a market value of about £85 a pound - and that's just to break even!!