Sunday, 15 May 2011

Of the Week Again

Bee Hive of the Week - Queen Olga and and Top Bar Girls - summarily ignoring the triangular foundation Andy attached to a couple of bars to get them started, and free-forming their own instead.

Queen of the Week - Queen Philibert - 4 sides of capped brood in a week - go girl!!

Herb of the Week - Basil - suddenly gone mental for it and just begging for a pesto extravaganza

Pleasant Surprise of the Week - honey extraction being not quite as sticky as anticipated

Misconception of the Week - Year 9 boy thinking he'd no longer be a teenager once he'd past 16 - "Where do you think the word 'teen' comes from?" says I. Blank stare. "Six -teen, seven-teen, eight-teen, nine-teen???" I suggest.

Psychic Message of the Week - 'Move on.'

Crop of the Week - rhubarb, followed closely by rocket, beetroot and strawberry

New Wrinkle of the Week - that one, there, on the underside of my chinny-chin-chin

Cake of the Week - Andy's 40th birthday chocolate fudge cake. Or was it the chocolate chip 'n' banana cake? Or the jammy flapjacks? Hmmm...may have to think about that one - maybe have another little taste test...

Chatty Cat of the Week - Pandora Kitten who has taken to sitting outside the bathroom when I'm abluting and shouting at me in her high pitched and very loud squealy kitten voice

Cat Entertainment of the Week - Mr Light. Mr Light is the little spot of sunbeam that appears in April/ May and October November when the sun is at the right level in the morning to shine through the kitchen window and bounce off cutlery/ watch faces/ other appropriate shiny surfaces and cause a spot of light to appear on the kitchen floor which is just right for chasing, and never gets caught. Mr Light is also safer than chasing a laser.

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