Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Christmas Carolling and Malarkey Partying

Well, after much frenzied activity the Much Malarkey Manor Christmas Preparations are well and truly under way.

Firstly, Andy and I have, for the third year running, managed to produce a little Christmas book. Okay, so the size and content of this book are smaller than last year's offering, which in turn was smaller than the year before that, but hey, we've been working full time and we'd rather produce a literary work of quality rather than something more hefty and lacking in substance. (Well, that's our excuse anyway.)

So, 'A Christmas Malarkey' has been written by moi, illustrated by Andy and printed by Lulu, and our consignment of 22 (yes, 22!) copies were delivered by a spotty and tardy courier last night 6 hours after the courier company had indicated they would be delivered, much to Andy's piqué because 'twas he who had sat in waiting for them all day.

(Feel free, dear reader, to purchase a copy for yourself from the aforesaid Lulu. Support a poor writer, won't ya guv'nor? Three cats with expensive dietary needs to support...)

Secondly, I have finally organised what I've envisaged doing for the last three or four years and that is to have an 'at home' open house Christmas gathering the Saturday before Christmas. I've sent out invitations for friends and family to feel free to pop in and visit between 11.30 a.m and when we get fed up with them and kick them out in the evening. On offer will be a running buffet of lovely Christmas scrumptiousness, fun and games and chit-chat and cake, coffee and tea, other drinkies and nibbles, jolly singing and jappery, and I am hoping it will be a relaxed and happy start to the festive season with comings and goings and mixing of all the people we love and admire.

Please come, too, if you can. Of course, I realise for you lovely people across the ocean that practicalities of time and distance might cause a problem, but if you happen to be in the vicinity of mid-Kent you would be more than welcome to drop by for some Christmas cheer. If not, then I shall be thinking of you and you'll be with us for our Christmas Malarkey in spirit if not in body. I'll force down a bit of cake in your honour (I know - such a sacrifice, but you are all worth it!) and I'll sing a carol loud and clear.

It's all keeping me busy and getting me through the last three weeks of being a teacher. A new job is on the horizon. More on that when I have the firm details.


Andy said...

This is the link you'll want to be using!

Olly said...

It sounds great. I'll have to join the virtual Much Malarkey party - if you hear some carousing from the attic in the West Wing, that'll be me in there with a sneaky bottle or two of vin rouge, being entertained by Tybalt and Pandora while Phoebe looks on disapprovingly. What's that cackling from the Eglu? Oh, it's just Olly and Primrose doing the hokey-cokey ...

doodles n daydreams said...

I too will be joining the virtual much malarkeying party. Have a wonderful time with all your friends and family - will be thinking of you.


Vera said...

Oh well done you and Andy. Am proud to be associated with two such creative people, and shall purchase this tome and the previous year's tome when I sort out a payment method with Lulu, who seem to have a blip in their system when it comes to me paying for books I want to buy from them!
Would also love to come for the pre-Christmas frolic day, but, well, SW France is a bit too far away to get here and over to you and back to here all in one day. Will be with you in thought, though. But Christmas? Is it soon? Only there is nothing happening in regards to the Christmas season here. Looks like we have escaped the hectic busyness of it all, to be replaced with the hectic busyness of trying to keep all our team of animals happy, fed, and looked after! Sending blessings to you,fellow writer friend.

Denise said...

Olly, carouse away! If you want any nibbles, just shout. But please keep Primrose away from any gin- based cocktails. A recipe for disaster if ever I saw one.

Diana- thank you for your wishes. It's always good to hear from you x

And Vera, fellow traveller on the bumpy writing pathway, I shall put a bottle of Baileys in the fridge for you, just in case. Hope all the animal baby malarkey goes well.

God bless!