Friday, 2 November 2012

What more could a girl want?

Firstly, a Very Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy twin (as she delightfully describes us) and MMM houseguest, Olly, with whom I share happy felicitations today because we both have exquisite taste in choosing this day upon which to be born. Although we have never met in person (having connected through the blogosphere), our spirits are joined in the sharing of many common interests beyond a 2nd November birthday.

And if my birthday experience is anything to go by so far, then I am sure Olly is having a good day, too.

The sun is shining. The Birthday Hens are rootling around the garden. Andy is busy baking lovely stuff like foccacia and quiche for a birthday tea.

I have a new cat mug (bone china and exactly the right size) for the drinking of the tea. I have two new silly films to watch, I have three new silly books to read. I have a new funky music CD to do silly singing and dancing to. I have gorgeous flowers to admire. I have new soft 'n' fluffy socks and a scarf to wrap my cold toeses and noses in. I have a lovely silver and purple watch to wear. I have chocolate.

What more could a girl wish for on her birthday?

Nothing, that's what.

And now I am going to NaNoWriMo. I managed to fling out around 2,500 words of silliness yesterday which I don't dare re- read because a) I suspect at least 2,000 words may be complete drivel and b) there is no time for reading! GOT TO TYPE AND TYPE QUICKLY!!

29 days and 47,500 words to go!


Olly said...

I'm blushing - another namecheck in Much Malarkey Manor! I've had a lovely day thanks(it involved some window-shopping in John Lewis, cocktails, posh lunch and another cocktail). Your presents sound perfect - the mug is just the thing for tea-drinking-while-chicken-watching, an essential pursuit. Chocolate cake comes tomorrow night when my kind friend is hosting a birthday night for me. Glad you've enjoyed your day.

Denise said...

Andy made me a death-by-chocolate cake which suffered a little from 'grandchild-picking-smarties-off-the-top-and-leaving-holes-in-it!'

May your chocolate cake be gorgeous, and have a lovely birthday evening tonight!