Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Birthday Countdown

Ssssssshhhh! A certain person I know, whose name begins with 'A' and rhymes with er...handy...has got a BIG birthday coming up in 5 weeks' time. By 'BIG' I mean...er...well, 40.

Now, I passed this landmark a few years ago. It is a long distant memory. I remember being taken out for a posh family dinner, with some very, how shall I say....interesting canapes to kick off the proceedings.

And now I am thinking, what shall I do for this person I know and his big four-oh!

Well, I can't say can I, because it would spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that I have set the ball rolling today. The biggest problem has been deciding when to do what because there is a clash between when I(who henceforth shall be known as the 'Organiser') am at work and the person in question (henceforth known as the 'Birthday Boy') is at work and what with various annual leave booked/ school holidays immovable/ Bank holidays/ Royal Weddings etc etc, the days of the week just before and just after Birthday Boy's...er... birthday, are a bit higgledly-piggedly and ne'er the twain shall meet.

And, ironically, the ACTUAL DAY is a day when we are both at work, so that'll be chip butties and a Doctor Who birthday cake in front of 'Waterloo Road', then.

Still, so far it's all going swimmingly and the Organiser is feeling quite smug with the...er...organising. Plenty of time for things to go t*ts up, though. Which it won't. Or had better not because the Organiser shall be otherwise well hacked off. And hell hath no fury like a Scorpio Organiser whose plans are thwarted.

On other 'birth' day matters, I have a card waiting to be posted to our friends who had a baby boy ten days ago. A baby boy whose name is yet to be revealed. And I can't send the card until the baby is named. I can't be doing with 'Congratulations on the happy arrival of baby...er...thing...anonymous...' I mean, I suppose I could take a wild guess but who knows what trouble that will land me in.

And now I am in full 'Organiser' mode I'm off to jot down my ideas for the 'Grand Easter Plan' I have been brewing since...er...I thought of it this morning. No overpackaged commercialised Easter for Much Malarkey Manor this year. Oh no!

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