Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thoroughly Spoiled Mum

Well, I have had a jolly nice Mother's Day. Lovely cards, beautiful flowers, just enough chocolate to give naughty but niceness and not nausea, an Emma Bridgewater 'Best Mum' mug, a DVD of 'Another Year' and a visit to Sissinghurst Castle which looks beautiful at this time of year with all the Spring flowers.

We were going to have lunch at Sissinghurst,but the unexpected warm weather (what do forecasters know? Rain? Pah!) brought out a mass of people and the queue from the Granary Restaurant door was more than an impatient queuer like me could bear so we popped into the supermarket on the way home and bought a picnic lunch which we had in the living room when we got home. Crisp sandwiches...yum! Haven't had crisp sandwiches for ages.

At Sissinghurst I bought a dinky pair of secateurs especially for cutting herbs and trimming delicate plants, and some proper gardener's soap. And the National Trust Book of Breadmaking. There are some very interesting looking breads therein, which I've a mind to try and maybe demonstrate on the blog a la Julie Childs - 'Hello, I'm Denise from Much Malarkey Manor - bonne appetite!' (If you've never seen the film 'Julie/ Julia' it's definitely worth a watch - very entertaining.)

And then Andy came home with many exciting freebies from BSAVA (mostly biros.)

And all feels right with the world.

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