Saturday, 2 April 2011


Andy has been away for the last few days, at the BSAVA conference in Birmingham. And whilst he has been yomping around the conference hall collecting biros, entering competitions and being schmoozed by veterinary sales people, and falling asleep in lectures because I suspect there has been a certain over-indulgence of hotel full English breakfasts/ continental selections, I have been addressing a grass issue at the allotment.

Not any old grass, I hasten to add. Not the grass that has been left to grow to form little grassy paths weaving in and out of the various veggie beds. Oh no, this bit of grass is a substantial piece of grass that is growing between the communal path and our fruit cage. It's about fourteen feet long and three feet wide. It bordered and crept into the potato patch last year, and started this year looking like it was going to stay and form a lawn tennis court. In fact, I think Andy may have referred to it as 'lawn' at one point, although he may well deny this.

Anyway, I was keen to clear the grass and plant something in the space. Andy wasn't as keen. He didn't say as much but I think he envisaged it as a nice little spot to set up a deck chair and have a cuppa of tea and read inbetween tending to our plot. It does catch the sun quite nicely.

However, I am sorry (!!) to report that the grass has gone! Vanished!! It was evaporated by Martians. I tried to stop them but they just rode on in there with their grass gun evaporators blazing and before I could say 'Wimbledon Fortnight' it was gone. And left in its place was a fourteen by three foot bed of lovely, loamy, well-drained and finely tilthed soil, just right for the planting of, oh, I don't know - masses of flowers, like sweet peas and stocks and nasturtiums and gladioli and sunflowers, for example.

Which, ironically, I am about to place an order for from the plant sale catalogue that arrived this week and has been sitting and staring at me like a floral temptress from the coffee table.

Grass is good...but flowers are FAB!!

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Anonymous said...

Those darned aliens! Why do they come to Earth to kill our grass and work in poorly paid jobs! Xxxxx