Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gardening by Numbers

Number of melons plants potted on - 8
Number of green basil seedlings planted on - about a gazzilion (may have over-done the basil this year)

Varieties of seeds sown at allotment this morning - 5 (carrot, parsnip, coriander, parsley and rocket)

Varieties of flowers seedlings planted on at allotment this morning - 2 (sweet peas and anemones)

Number of large paving slabs Wickes failed to deliver yesterday - 18

Number of irate phone calls made by Andy to resolve issue- 3
Number of irate phone calls made by Denise to resolve issue - 1

Number of humans helping chickens to build herb patio - 1
Number of chickens helping human to build herb pation - 0
Number of chickens getting in way of human who is building herb patio - 2
Number of chickens who nearly got decapitated whilst digging base for herb patio - 1

Seed varietes waiting to be sown in propogator as soon as more seed compost has been procured - 5 (cucumber, borage, tagetes, lemon bergamot, morning glory)

Number of bees popping in and out of hive this morning - about 9 million

Greenhouse seedling count - Beans - French and runner (92), tomatoes (23), chilli peppers(5), courgettes (10), cucumbers (3), cauliflower (16) , leeks (indeterminate), lime basil (2 - pathetic)

Number of days in a row Mrs Pumphrey has laid eggs - 8

Volume of perspiration produced by chief herb patio builder - a large puddleful

Quantity of Happy Malarkey Gardeners - 2!

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