Thursday, 21 April 2011

Oh, How I Love This Country!

Still feeling a bit wobbly and feeble, and done in by a brief trip to the allotment (harvested some rhubarb and spinach though, so crops are a-coming in!)I decided to flop on the sofa and watch the Maundy Thursday Service from Westminster Abbey.

And, oh, how the spectacle gladdened the heart! All the history and the architecture, the ceremony and sunshine, the calmness and sheer joy of the occasion. This is England, I thought, as Her Majesty (85 today) made her way up and down the line of recipients of the Maundy purses, smiling and chatting and refusing to be chivvied along by the bishopy types by her side.

I hummed along to the hymns, shut my eyes and enjoyed the performance of 'Zadok the Priest', and yes, dear reader, I shed a little tear when HM emerged into the sunshine and went on a walkabout to receive cards and flowers from small children who had come to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Things are revving up for the Royal Wedding, too. I didn't think I'd be bothered about it, really. I thought I'd maybe cast a glance at the TV next Friday, take it or leave it, but now I know I am going to be THERE all day, with tea and cake, lapping up the whole crazy, English malarkey of it all. I shall enjoy the horses and carriages, the cheering crowds, the beauty of the Abbey, the pointless interviews, the anticipation of the bride's frock 'n' flowers, the ceremony itself, and all the pictures of people around the country having their street party celebrations. Because it makes me feel lucky and glad to be living in this land.

I hope the weather holds out. I hope the idiots who are threatening to disrupt the day with demonstrations and riots are put firmly in their place. I hope everyone has a fabulous day.

This is a wonderful country and I love it!

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