Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Something is niggling at me. Something is bugging. It's not a major niggle or a big bug, but there is something at the back of my mind that is causing a certain amount of unsettlement vis a vis THE FUTURE.

So much so that I got out all my sets of Tarot cards last night and had a bit of a shuffle.

Things would be easier if I knew the focus of the niggle, the cause of the bugging. But I don't. It could be something to do with the end of my stint as a tutor looming on the horizon. Should I apply for another teaching post? Should I tout for more tutoring? Should I go full-time for the money or stay part-time for the sanity?

Or is it to do with the ideas gathering apace in my Big Book of Ideas, which is where I jot down all my bright spark moments in case I forget them and forgetting them would mean missing out on a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY some time in the future? Lots of my current bright spark moments centre on the proliferation of TV programmes about the running of B and B's and hotels which I find fascinating and strangely inspiring. I think, Andy and I could do that. We could be the hosts with the mosts. We could provide all sorts of happy guest experiences.

'So could I,' says Mrs Slocombe.
'Goosing the guests will not be an option,' says I.

Or perhaps it's something to do with being so ill recently. Being very ill makes one very aware of one's own mortality, that if you are going to do something, then get on and do it. But do what?? Niggles. Bugs.

Anyway, I went through my five packs of Tarot, shuffling and splitting and scattering. A couple of them felt a bit 'stiff' because I haven't used them for a while. They took some warming up but it was like linking up with old friends.

And then I picked a card from each pack which turned out to be reassuringly similar in their intent.

And the intent was that I have done all I can about testing situations, and now it is my job to sit tight and wait and see. And that if I carry on pushing for something to happen, then I could end up in hot water.

So a sitter and waiter I shall be, not the do-er and shaker that is causing me to fidget at the moment. Apparently, 'things' are in place. Things are looking after themselves and, in turn, are looking after me. Sit back, the Universe is saying. Relax. Wait.

All will be revealed in due and steady course.

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