Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Awesome Roasties, Deux Oeufs and Other Things

Now, firstly, Primrose has again today laid two eggs. I Googled 'can hens lay 2 eggs in a day?' and Google said 'yes' and then Andy pointed out that of course they can because Primrose does, and we have the proof because it is what made me do the Google in the first place, and I felt a bit of a fool because when he put it like that, it just went to show how my thinking brain backfires sometimes...doh!

Secondly, I have been pushing along the story of Minerva Thing today. I managed another thousand words, but it was a bit of an effort, except one bit which I felt was goodish; I suspect that I shall be cutting most of what I wrote today, but such is the writing process. What is really bothering me is that it is turning into a murder mystery, a genre that has never connected with me before, even as a reader. I tried an Ian Rankin once, and even managed to finish it, but it was very irritating, and it was very obvious who dunnit. This could mean, of course, that I have a latent detective mind and maybe murder mystery could be my 'thing' (or Minerva's 'thing' Ahahahahahahahaha!). Time will tell.

(You might be wondering about my odd choice of surname for my anti-heroine. But there is method in my selection as there is a Thing in my ancestry. My great-great-great-great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Thing, marrying Christopher Hallpike in 1814. They lived in Clerkenwell, London. There are other Things in my history, but here is neither the time, the place nor the appropriateness to go into them. Maybe when I am a famous writer and need the injection of a good scandal to boost publicity...)

Thirdly, since when did roast potatoes become 'roasties'? Stop it...NOW! A roast potato is a roast potato. It is not a roastie. Nothing is a 'roastie.' It is a made up marketing work, laziness in the extreme, and unless it has anything to do with Shakespeare I do not want to know. Roast potato, do you hear me? Roast potato!

And whilst we are talking extremities, cease and desist with the 'awesomes' too. I can slightly understand teenagers using the word 'awesome' as a colloquialism, because they are teenagers and often use words out of context, but when adults start using it to describe something which is basically just ordinary or maybe just a little bit good, well, again...STOP IT! Over the top! Unnecessary! Sets my teeth on edge! (Like misuse of the word legend...'and here, in the studio tonight, the legendary explorer Sir David Attenborough.' He isn't legendary! He is there, in front of you. Look...he exists. Reach out and touch him. Not legendary. Now...try and reach out and touch King Arthur...see, you can't...he is legendary...and dead...)



rusty duck said...

Hello Denise, just found your lovely blog on a trip across from Labartere..

Gosh, Primrose is a very productive chicken. Not that I know a lot about chickens. But having watched the performance of a goose laying an egg I would have thought that two in one day was stretching things, so to speak.

Loved the chicken interview too.. now if only I had an iPad I could do posh videos like you and Vera..


Denise said...

Hello Jessica! I vist Rusty Ducks via Labartere, too! I am the daughter of a builder, so I share your renovation frustrations, but I have to say you seem as though you are coping with remarkable humour and forbearance!

Primrose doesn't lay two eggs every day - that would be too much - but once a week or so she gets a spurt on and pop, pop, voila!

I love my I-pad. It has revolutionised my techno-life, and so easy to video and upload from. Before that I used my ordinary camera on video setting which was just as easy but slower.

Thanks for dropping by.