Thursday, 17 January 2013

For Sale... husband, ridiculously excited at the prospect of snow arriving tomorrow, so much so that if he looks out the window ONE MORE TIME to see if it's snowing yet, wife might dispense with any monetary charges and give husband away free, gratis and for nothing. In fact, she might just deliver him personally to successful the bidder, along with assorted gaming equipment including an ancient piece of gaming tat which arrived home with him two days ago cunningly disguised as a puppy in a cardboard box. (I suspect that this computer system is the very first one ever invented. I am hoping that once it has been restored to its former glory, it will be worth a mint to a computer gaming museum and we shall be able to retire to our long yearned for smallholding in the countryside. One can but hope...)

Husband comes with proven baking ability and three tonnes of Doctor Who accessories.

Kind to animals except when he has to wrestle them into submission in order to administer medicine. Excellent cartoonist. No spatial awareness. Seller will, therefore, not be responsible for subsequent breakages. She might say, 'I told you so.'

There is no snow, dear. Not even rain, dear. (Ahahahahahahahaha!!) I shall be very surprised if any snow of significant snowman building quantity arrives at all. I, personally, do not want snow because I have longed reached the age where I consider it to be a huge and messy inconvenience (although it will be an excuse for me to wear my furry Cossack hat.)

And please try to remember that you have a 1 following the 4 of your age which should make a big difference to your reaction to the idea, nay, the event of snowfall.

And that I love you, you snow - crazy, Doctor Whoverian, retro-gamer crazy person, you! Xxx


Andy said...

I have only stared out of the window twice! Xxxx

Vera said...

We keep looking out of the window to see if it has stopped raining because the Labartere lakes are getting a bit on the big side!

Denise said...

Oh crumbs, Vera. Hope you are keeping the lakes at bay. Andy is very disappointed with the snow we've had so far. I am not!

Stay dry xx

Vera said...

Deluge continuing Denise. Lakes being enjoyed by the geese. Looks like the Fens here. All very watery!