Friday, 11 January 2013

This Was The Week

End of the Week Observations...

1) there are bluebells poking their shiny green shoots from the earth in the front garden...hurrah!

2) Daisy Hen laid her first egg yesterday. She seemed mildly surprised by the event, but managed another today, so seems to have accepted the activity as part of her chicken loveliness.

3) it has suddenly got VERY cold - snow predicted, but I suspect this is pathetic South England scaremongering. Still, I am well stocked up with loo rolls, baked beans and bread making flour.

4) I have discovered that if I hang all my clothes properly on their hangers, I can get actually close my wardrobe door without putting a foot to it.

5) I have been offered some temporary small group tutoring for four or five weeks at a local school which should take me nicely into my impending tutoring job in February.

6) the loft seems to have mysteriously refilled itself despite our heroic efforts last year to empty it.

7) if you allow your granddaughter too near your 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle during the day, you will suddenly find, on completing the puzzle in the evening, the aforesaid puzzle has only 999 pieces.

8) I have survived 'Death by Cat on the Stairs' at least 4 times this week.

9) my new book about textile design arrived yesterday - and a) it has a lovely fuzzy cover which is much deserving of stroking and b) I am very excited about having a go at a textile design project in order to find my unique inner designer.

10) I don't half write some rubbish sometimes...well, a lot of the time...

11)... and then sometimes I write something which I think, 'Cor, that was good. If I was famous, someone would publish that.'

12) Andy and I have invented a new exercise programme called 'Robics.' Basically, it harnesses the medium of mime to convey the start of a word which can be suffixed with 'robic.' For example, sitting in a chair is 'chairobics,' ruffling your head is 'hairobics', waving your arms in the air and shouting 'ggrrrrrrr!' is 'bearobics' and doing a song and dance routine is 'Fred Astairobics.' We came up with about 15 permutations this evening (starobics, flareobics, thererobics, glarerobics, pairobics, you get the idea) then we ran out of alphabet, rhyming skills and the ability to engage in clever lateral thinking. I doubt we burned up more than 3 calories either, but it made us laugh. Heather appeared in the living room half way through, and backed out slowly, saying, 'I'm not even going to ask.'

Have a fabulous weekend!

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