Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bread and Postcards and a Really Bad Pun

Out of the blue, Andy decided to contact an artisan bakery deep in the heart of the Kent countryside, and ask if they would be willing to take on a work experience boy, that boy being him, aged 42 and a quarter.

And do you know what? They said 'Yes!' 

So, next month, after 18 years of being a vet, Andy is going to do work experience! This will entail him rising (like a well-proved bloomer, or maybe sweet brioche) at 2 a.m, YES 2 IN THE MORNING, to make the journey across county in order to be on site and ready to bake at 3 a.m.

Well! Who'd have thought it, eh? Who knows where this might lead? Mostly it is an experiment in 'Will Andy melt when faced with industrial-size ovens?'  as he does a fair impression of a soggy puddle when dealing with our small-by-comparison domestic double oven here at MMM. And also, will he set fire to any tea towels? Or any parts of himself? Will his lack of spatial awareness be a hindrance, or will the extra space of a massive bakery accommodate his creative flailing shenanigans? 

I am trying not to think too much about the whole hot things/ sharp pointy things/ dollopy doughness of it all. He is a determined and talented baker of bread. I think it will be a Good Experience All Round.

Meanwhile, flimsy old me has been writing postcards as part of my new Post Crossing Hobby. Today, I penned postcardy staff to people in Russia, Belarus, Germany and the Ukraine. Along with the card I sent to San Francisco a few days, this makes my five maximum 'out there' communications, which means I now have to wait until I receive my first card before I can send another out.

And we continue to wait for rain here in our little corner of Kent. The local news keeps forecasting it, but I reckon we've had about 5 drops altogether, and certainly nowhere near the half-a-lakeful promised. I am beginning to think that weather forecasters are no better than fortune telling charlatans who base their predictions on how splayed their fir cone is and whether the sea-weed is damp or so dry it is starting to smell of an old kipper.

Finally, and this is a totally random thought ( but then it has been a bit of a random week, one way or another) I think that if I ever opened a beefburger bar ( which I won't because I am vegetarian) then I would call it Mood Food. ( Think about it....!)


Countryside Tales said...

Please convey my respectful good wishes and encouragement to Andy for being a baking work experience boy- good on him! And just think of the lovely bread you will get as a result.
We had rain here last night- reasonably copious. I'd left the moth egg boxes outside so they got soaked and have now dried to crispy. Wonder if the moths will mind?
PS- my lovely friend Mrs Massey had a look at your blog on the back of the "rupert the moth" cartoon and asked me tell you she enjoyed reading it. You have a new fan!

Vera said...

Well done Andy, and hope he enjoys the change of work environment.

Denise said...

CT - I have done so and they have been gratefully and thankfully received. And please extend my reciprocal thanks and greetings to your lovely friend, Mrs Massey, for her enjoyment of my blog. One does try!

Vera, do you know, I think he will!

Janice said...

Is Andy learning to make bread for your future hoped for restaraunt?

Denise said...

Hello Janice! Well, I think it might be featuring somewhere in some emerging plan. Every now and then we take a little step forward in either attitude or practicality. It is taking us slowly by surprise, which sounds odd, but for us it is the way to go!

Good to hear from you; hope you are well!