Saturday, 6 July 2013

Of the Week

Oddest question of the week: 'Miss, do you think zombies will ever cross-breed with vampires?'

Biggest disappointment of the week: discovering that certain parts of the gardens at Cliveden are AstroTurfed. AstroTurf!!!???

Best film of the week : Despicable Me 2! Go and see it NOW! 

Best recipe of the week: a draw between Andy's rosemary focaccia and my own invention of spicy roast vegetable couscous.

Most shouty moment of the week: when Andy Murray won his semi-final yesterday.

Best power walk of the week: up the hill towards school on Thursday - feel the burn!

Itch of the week: last week's sunburn starting to peel

Nibble of the week: encounter with vampire mozzie at allotment this morning

Prayer of the week: for two friends who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. God bless you both.

Herb of the week: lavender, of course!

New underwear of the week: bright pink bra - ooh la la!

Happy moment of the week: sitting on the grass this afternoon making paintings of butterflies and sunflowers with Kayleigh

Freaky moment of the week: discovering that if I push my face upwards, my ear whistles

Surreal moment of the week: making a model of the inner ear with plasticine (floppy semi-circular canals)

Egg of the week: Daisy, for an enormous 90 gram effort this morning

Irritation of the week : the continued and incorrect use of the word 'legendary' by the BBC

Wish of the week: that all is well in your world!



rusty duck said...

Bright pink? Hussey.
Thoughts and best wishes to your friends.

Denise said...

I know...scares me every time I happen to glance downwards into cleavage-world!

Thank you for your thoughts and can be, as they say, a bit of a bugger.