Friday, 26 July 2013

Bumble Hum

Good morning, all! I was going to clean my car this morning, if only in an attempt to make it rain, but when I went outside to assess the car cleaning option, I counted many, many bumblebees going about their bumblebee thing on the lavender right next door to where my car is parked. Of course, I couldn't disturb the bumbles with my sloshing around of sudsy water, could I, AND moving the car further up the driveway away from the lavender would be the sheerest lunacy of an idea. So I took a video instead.

Apologies for the traffic noise. For even though in my mind I live in an oh-so-quiet leafy country backwater, my ears betray my idyll every morning by picking up the sound of every flipping car that passes up and down the main road upon which, in reality, we are situated.

Still, we have got bees and we have got lavender. Enjoy!


Countryside Tales said...

Same here- plenty of bumbles but very few honeys. Can you try to get them out on the lavender the next time you want to wash your car too? And would that excuse wash for house work I wonder?

Vera said...

We are going to plant lots of lavender here next year, mostly round the veg plot. Lovely stand of lavender you have though, and it must smell absolutely gorgeous. The car can wait for another day.

Denise said...

CT, if only lavender would grow indoors! I was amazed at the activity outside this morning. There were so many bumbles they were bouncing off each other! And one thing I've noticed is that they are steering clear of the white lavender. Odd.

We've got lavender everywhere this year, Vera! The border I filmed this morning is 4 years old, and I planted another border last year and one this year, too. I am gong to have a go at taking cuttings in the Autumn, and overwinter them in the greenhouse. Not sure where I'll put them next Spring though!

doodles n daydreams said...

Denise, am I reading this right, has your Pandora gone to heaven? So sorry if she has, our little 4 footed friends become so much a part of the family.
Thank you for your kind comments about Bob, he is doing okay, just needs to get walking again, though it's painful at the moment.


Denise said...

Sadly, yes, Diana. She deteriorated very suddenly last weekend and, despite Andy's best efforts, died on Tuesday. Still stupidly tearful about it - she was very much my cat and I can't believe how much her absence has affected our home. Thank you for your kind words.

I am glad Bob is improving! Hope he continues to do so, and grows stronger day by day! X

Julie @Dragonfly Gems said...

Sorry to hear about your little Pandora, they give us so much pleasure whilst they are with us but break your heart when they leave...

I love watching the bumbles at work, we have lots in our garden. Thanks for sharing your video of them.
Julie :o)

Olly said...

So, so sorry to hear about Pandora - I just noticed the beautiful picture on your sidebar. She was only a youngster, too wasn't she? It's devastating to lose a pet, they are part of our lives and leave a big hole behind. Condolences from me and my furry friends,

Denise said...

Thank you, Julie. I miss Pandora enormously. It is good to do some bumble watching, though. They are very cheering, going about their business as they do!

Hi Olly. Yes, she was just 4 in April. She developed really nasty inflammatory bowel disease, and it soon grew into something more sinister and more than her little body and spirit could take. Very unforeseen, and for such a little cat she has left a massive gap.

Thank you for your thoughts. It is always good when someone understands these things rather than dismisses them as being 'over-sentimental' or 'just an animal' x