Tuesday, 23 July 2013

For Countryside Tales

This is a post dedicated to Countryside Tales who is a moth weirdo, sorry, fanatic...sorry, expert. It is a cartoon that was in the paper at the weekend; I tried to take a photo but the words were a tad blurry, so I have transcribed the text of the cartoon in the hope it might convey the same sense of silliness and fun.

Here's to you, Countryside Tales!

'In Conversation with Rupert Delacroix, First Moth on the Moon'

Rupert: ...and all of a sudden I was on the moon.
Interviewer: Are you sure about that?
Rupert: Of course! I was flying towards the moon, the moon got bigger, then I landed on it. I mean, I was as surprised as you are.
Interviewer: But what do to say to accusations that your moon landing was a fake?
Rupert: Nonsense.
Interviewer: And that it wasn't the moon you landed on at all, but some guy's bedside lamp.
Rupert: Listen...why would I want to land on a lamp? I'm telling you I was on the moon, OK? And it wasn't just 'some guy' I saw...it was GOD.
Interviewer: God?
Rupert: God. I reckon that's why we've had so many wars and suffering and so forth on Earth: God's been hiding behind the moon all along. Reading Auto Trader.
Interviewer: Auto Trader.
Rupert: That's right. He came at me with it.
Interviewer: God attacked you?
Rupert: I'm afraid so. He rolled up Auto Trader and tried to whack me off the moon.
Interviewer: God tried to kill you with a copy of Auto Trader?
Rupert: That is correct.
(There is an extended pause between Rupert and the Interviewer.)
Rupert: To be honest I found the whole thing intensely stressful.

(Copyright Stephen Collins COLILLO.com 20th July 2013)


Countryside Tales said...

Fantastic! I'm still snorting with laughter (even though you called me a weirdo AND a fanatic IN PUBLIC. The expert bit did make up for it slightly, even if it isn't true).

All my moths are either going to be called Rupert Delacroix or Denise from now on :-)

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed! Apologies for the rudeness... lightly meant, as I am sure you appreciate! In my defence, I am married to a Doctor Who weirdo/ fanatic so I know a fruit loop when I see one! (Ooops!)

Bless you, and all your mothy madness!