Wednesday, 7 August 2013

9 Years

I forgot to mention that last week that, whilst waiting in the queue outside Buckingham Palace and feeding myself with an egg and cress sandwich, that (in accordance with my approachable face theory) a complete stranger chose me out of a crowd of about 200 or more people, to direct a question at. Me. The only person in the crowd of 200 plus people who, at that VERY moment, had a face full of sandwich. To wit, therefore, my reply to her question was, 'Mm....mphhhh...mpffffffh....' 

Why choose me? I thought. There are more than 199 other people here who are not, at this very moment, consuming of an egg and cress sarnie. You could ask them, you foolish woman. It would be better all round if you did. And I don't even LIKE London. 

Anyway, I digress. Today was mine and Andy's 9th wedding anniversary. And in keeping with tradition, we bought each other gifts linked to the theme of the anniversary year, the ninth being either pottery or willow. At least I did. I bought Andy a kit with which to make willow lanterns. I was well pleased with my pressie find. Practical, requiring some skill enhancing input and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. They'll go beautifully in our revamped garden, I thought. (Although I am a tad anxious about what will happen when one adds the candle to a construction of very thin wood  + very thin paper.)

And my gift from Andy? Something willowy, also? Something pottery-ry? No, my friends! It was far more subtle than that! It was a textile art picture of a deer in a field full of poppies! ( The field, not the deer. Although the deer might have been full of poppies, too, if deer eat poppies. Do deer eat poppies? I don't know.) 

And what, are you thinking, is the relevance to the 9th anniversary? Well, I shall tell you. Plunged into a fit of panic because he couldn't find anything he deemed suitably willowy or pottery-ry, Andy researched what flower was associated with 9 and it is the poppy. You see?! Thereby is the link, albeit loose, to the anniversary. It is a lovely picture. Tres bonne!!

Global news - I have received two postcards this week for my new Post Crossing hobby. One from San Diego and one from Saint Petersburg. A lovely American/Russian alliance which is delightfully ironic given the news about the American so-called spying chappie who has been granted asylum for a year to stay in Russia. 

Chicken news - Primrose has taken to tap-dancing in the hen water bowl. Four times I had to fill it up today. As soon as it is full, in she hops and does a pretty impressive impression of Gene Kelly in 'Singing in the Rain.' It is very annoying, and I have told her thus and so has Daisy who does not appreciate having to drink water from a container that has had Primrose Feet jiggling around in it. I do not know why Primrose does this, and neither does she. But she needs to stop it. NOW. Because if she doesn't she is going to have a bit of a shock come the first freeze of Winter. 

Allotment news - beans, potatoes, basil, shallots, courgettes, lettuce and more cucumbers than you can shake a stick at. Many, many tomatoes but not one of them red yet. Baby aubergines forming beneath aubergine flowers. Swedes coming on at a very pleasing pace, ditto broccoli, carrots, parsnips, chard, radish and beetroot. Still beating mare's tail into submission. Eager anticipation of autumn raspberries. Very bold Robin resident on da plot. 

And that is about it, really. Nothing wildly exciting. Nothing wildly hilarious. A time of calm and reflection. Of enjoying being at home, pottering in the garden, catching up with 'just' jobs. Reading and knitting. Listening to good stuff on the radio. 



Countryside Tales said...

HURRAY! Happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary, dear Denise and Andy, happy anniversary to you!

Naughty Primrose. She must have hot feet. Perhaps you could knit her some slippers that cleverly hold ice cubes?

And you must just have one of those reassuring calm and friendly faces that belies the devil within.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (did I already say that?) X

rusty duck said...

Happy anniversary both!!

What is it with cucumbers this year? I have never had so many and I don't even like the damn things.

Janice said...

Happy anniversary to you both. Maybe you can get Primrose some iceskates for winter fun in the feeder.

Denise said...

Thank you for the lovely rendition,CT. I didn't know you could sing as well! And thank you also for the Ice Cube Slipper idea. There is a new series of Dragon's Den coming up...I wonder...p'raps I could get some investment from Duncan Bann- hen- tyne, or Deborah Mead-hen?!

Thank you, Jessica. I know, it's cucumber crazy! However, I do like them, and I have a quiet gloat every time I don't have to spend 80p on one at Sainsbugs!

Thank you, too, Janice, and lovely of you to stop by with a comment! Primrose is very bad (yet highly entertaining,too!) with her water dancing. Maybe I could combine CT's sock idea with your ice skate idea and come up with a truly crazy hen footwear collection!