Saturday, 17 August 2013

Five Years

Today is the Much Malarkey Manor Blogiversary! Five years ago today I started writing this blog. FIVE YEARS! 

Sometimes I flick back through the years and read odds and sods of previous posts and I think, 'Did that happen? I don't remember that.' Or, 'Did we go there? Really???' Or, 'Gosh, wasn't I at home to Mrs Stroppy that day?'

And whilst Much Malarkey Manor hasn't got me a publishing deal (how DO those people get books published of their blogs? I mean, let's face it, some of them are pretty dire), it has connected me with some pretty fabulous people! That'd be you, dear readers, yes YOU! And YOU! Even those of you who read without declaring yourselves, and to be honest I don't blame you for remaining anonymous. It's a bit like an adult reading the Harry Potter books under the guise of a 'grown up' book jacket. They like the text but don't want to broadcast the fact that they are reading something written for a ten year old. A guilty pleasure, if you like. 

So, I wonder what the next five years will bring? More hens, more kittens? A house move? A change in career. Thinner thighs? An anti-gravity bazoom? World Peace? That'd be nice wouldn't it, although with all the carry on occurring in Egypt at the moment I don't hold out a huge amount of hope. In fact, it is all a bit worrying, really, this international trauma. 

Here, then, is cheers to you, the lovely house guests at Much Malarkey Manor. Thank you for dropping by and not leaving too many crumbs on the Axminster or fingerprints on the wallpaper. And here is to the next five years, both here and at yours! May they be blessed with fun and laughter and more happy times than sad. If I had champagne I would perform a toast, but as I don't drink, it'll have to be a good old fashioned cuppa! (Actually, I do have toast...can one perform a toast with toast? Sounds reasonable to me.)

(P.S The Guest Lost Property Box in my office currently contains a bee smoker, a book about Stalin, three pairs of rather risqué pants, half an umbrella, a pheasant, a packet of Mint Imperials, a goldfish bowl, an angry looking moth, a book entitled, 'My Egg Timer and Other Useless Kitchen Equipment' and a small chihuahua who answers to the name of Pepe. If any guest, past or present, recognises any of these items as theirs, could they please collect them as soon as possible or they shall (with the exception of livestock) be auctioned off to raise funds for the Buttercup Goat Sanctuary.)

(P.P.S The Buttercup Goat Sanctuary is real. It exists. It is a local charity to MMM. It has a website. And if I ever decide to do a sponsored slim it shall be the beneficiary along with the British Hen Welfare Trust. Now where is that Smartie Brioche Andy promised to make this weekend...)


rusty duck said...

So that's where Ptolemy went a wandering..
Happy fifth old thing. May there be many more. Save me a Smartie.

Denise said...

Certainly! Which colour?

Olly said...

Bah! I've been looking for the other half of the umbrella for ages. I think we need to see a picture of the Smartie Brioche ... happy anniversary!

Denise said...

The Smartie Brioche is in its final stage of proving and its estimated time of completion is about an hour and a half from now. Photo will be posted ASAP.

It is way tooooo exciting!!

rusty duck said...

Any colour.. the middle bit is the best bit!

Janice said...

Congrats on five years. Time does fly. Wonder what the next five will bring. Looking forward to seeing the smartie brioche. My very favourite candy!

Denise said...

Now I have visions of you nibbling off the coating of a Smartie, discarding it and eating the chocolate in the middle, Jessica!!! I like the orange ones best - something hyperactive about them!

Thank you, Janice! I like Smarties, too - never had them in a brioche though.

Countryside Tales said...

The moth is only angry because it's been shut up with Ptolemy and fears it might get eaten. As I'm now home again feel free to point him in my direction.

Happy anniversary Mrs D x