Friday, 9 August 2013


When I was 15, my Grandad died quite suddenly. It was a shock, especially as he had been a big part of my childhood. And then, the Summer following his death I was walking around the edge of the small market garden that he and Gran ran, and a voice remarkably like his said in my ear, 'The beans will be good this year.'

And they were. 

Now, I wasn't sure at that time whether the voice I heard telling me about the beans was the product of wishful thinking because I missed my Grandad, or that is was actually him, speaking from beyond the veil, as it were. Anyway, it was a comforting experience and I thought not much more on it and life continued.

By the time I was 22 I was expecting my second baby and moving to a new town with my then (not Andy) husband. And my new neighbour took me under her wing. She was, still is, a writer, medium and healer, and in the years we were neighbours I learned a lot from her. I sat in a spiritual development circle with her and she was a source of great inspiration and spiritual teaching. We also, I seem to remember, got through a lot of cake together!

Anyway, she taught me well, guided me through the use of Tarot and crystals as spiritual tools, and even better assisted the start of my training as a channel for healing. It was the healing experiences that I really loved being a part of, and over the last 25 years I have, on and off, continued to do bits here and there, including absent healing and conducting the occasional reading as and when needed by friends and family. And occasionally getting a message through for random people which is a bit embarrassing if they are the person in front of you in the queue at Sainsbugs. Hey ho!

And here is the thing. All has been quiet around me these last few weeks. All has been still. Hello, I have been thinking. I've had this feeling before. This is the feeling that presages a Shift in My Universe. At times like this I try and be still, and listen. I don't look for clues, per se, but then I find I notice things more clearly. And today a random page appeared whilst I was surfing da net ( as you do when you should be doing other things like cleaning out the chickens and sowing more rocket because your rocket supply is fast dwindling). It was a page linked to the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. 

I visited this place two or three years ago. I thought about doing a formal healing qualification then, but then, as it transpired, was not the right time. But now it seems the right time is approaching. I have been nudged. I am being called. At the moment it is a Whispered Call, but it is a Very Definite Whispered Call. 

Why am I telling you this? I do not know, other than it is Suddenly VERY Important and p'raps I need to  make a public declaration of my intent. I realise some of you may not approve of such activities. Or that some of you may poo-poo the whole concept. But that is okay. I am still me, you see?

And so today, other than fostering an ENORMOUS pimple on my chin, the like of which has not been seen since one day in 1979 (I was a rare and very lucky teen who remained virtually spot-less of face) I have dragged out and re-read many of my old spiritual teaching books, dusted off my absent healing record diary and my several sets of Tarot,  and found a teaching and healing retreat about half an hour's drive away that offers formal qualifications in both spiritual healing and Reiki. I am on the verge of rearranging my arty-crafty writing room to accommodate a different set of energies. I know that art and craft will be an integral part of this Shift in My Universe. (If only I could get to grips with that darned sewing machine!) 

What else do I know? Not much else at the moment. I suspect I shall be going with the flow. No planning. Just letting things happen.

And now I have to go because Tybalt is on a Fly Hunt and the fly is determined to hide behind Receptacles Containing Fluid (tea cups and vases) and Tybalt is determined to get the fly!


Vera said...

There has been a big shift in energies here too, Denise. Will email you.....

Countryside Tales said...

Well, you may or may not have picked up from the blog that I've been a healer for the last 17 years, so you can take my support for granted. And your sense of humour will help keep you grounded, which does come in handy when spiritual stuff comes flowing in! Good luck and keep us posted my dear :-)

Denise said...

Look forward to hearing from you, Vera. I am not surprised!

CT, of course it is obvious really, isn't it, that like energies should be pulled together. Thank you for your support! It is ALWAYS good to connect with a fellow healer!

Love and light to you both x