Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fidgety Tybalt and Thank You!

Tybalt is a lovely cat. He is a solid and dependable cat. He is a good-looking cat, with impeccable white paws and a particularly well-proportioned face. He started life, ten and a half years ago, as a Stray Scouse Kitten, who travelled down to Kent via train (and with Andy, I hasten to add - he didn't just take it upon his teeny kitten self to hop on the Virgin connection at Liverpool Lime Street, underground it from Euston to Charing Cross and thence to Maidstone where I was waiting with the limo to transport him home. Gosh, that was a long, bracketed interlude).

Anyway, he is a Northern Cat by birth but has adapted remarkably well to living in The South. No-one would know he wasn't southern born and bred. He even waxes his Gallagher eyebrows and trims his McCartney Mop Top to disguise his less than auspicious roots. (That was a joke, by the way, before I get lynched by Liverpudlians, and yes, I know that The Highly Attractive Liam and Noel Gallagher are from Manchester. I went to Manchester once, for the Commonwealth Games. It rained buckets and a then some. I have never been so drenched in my LIFE, not even when swimming in a proper swimming pool. Sodden, I was. Travelling on a Park and Ride bus in wet pants is not a happy experience.)

Back to Tybalt. One of the endearing things about him is his Celebratory Wee Run. In the morning, after he has eaten his breakfast, and rubbed my feet down with his face ( I suspect in lieu of using a flannel and some nice soap like a normal cat) he trots off to the litter tray to perform his Enormous Daily Wee. No wasting time doing a series of little wees during the day with Tybalt. Oh no, get it all over and done with in one big tiddle, that's the thing. And once he has performed his Enormous Wee, which can take a while, time enough to do an easy Soduko, he celebrates it by LAUNCHING himself from the litter tray like a rocket, and racing through the kitchen and up and down the hallway making a racket not unlike a small horse galloping on heavy going turf at Ascot. 

And sometimes, if it has been an especially long Wee, he gallops up the stairs and back again as well! It is very, very entertaining. (Especially this morning as he returned with a cobweb on his head. Lord knows where he'd stopped off to collect that, but I must have a word with the maid.)

And this has become known as The Celebratory Wee Run! 

And as tomorrow is the start of National Thank You Week, I'd like to say Thank You to Tybalt for giving us a smile with which to start each day.

Today's blog was brought to you by Random Ramblings -For All Your Stream-of-Wee-Consciousness Needs.

(P.S Tybalt has asked me to say that he IS the new Doctor Who, but please don't tell anyone as it will spoil the grand reveal on the BEEB this evening at 7p.m.)


Countryside Tales said...

Ah bless him. Animals are such wonderful companions. Wouldn't be without ours. Hope he's being paid well for his new role.

rusty duck said...

Have you ever seen a Time Lord wee?

Denise said...

He is being paid pitifully, CT. Apparently, the kudos of the role has no monetary value. I think Tybalt should acquire a new agent.

Hi, Jessica! No, but I have seen a wee Time Lord. Sylvester McCoy playing the Fool a few years ago opposite Ian McKellen's King Lear at Stratford upon Avon. He seemed very wee. But then we were sitting up in the Circle, so it could have been perspective.