Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Andy the Adventurer

Andy is on a training course thingy in Telford. He went yesterday and he is back tomorrow.

Well, he is supposed to be in Telford. He has been in Telford all day. But Telford is near North Wales. And Andy has just phoned.

'Are you okay?' I say, because he is huffing and puffing and sounding like he is being chased through some woods by a bear.

'I'm just walking down a hill,' says Adventurer Andy. 'I've just been up a hill, and now I am returning because it has suddenly got dark and there are a lot of trees around, and it's a little bit spooky.'

'Where are you?' I say. I don't need to ask really. I know where he is. I knew being within a reasonable drive of our prospective new house would be too much temptation...

'I'm in Bala!' says Andy. 'And a black cat has just stopped to say hello to me. Is that lucky?'
'Yes,' I say. I don't know if it is or not because I can never remember, but for the sake of the exercise,tonight black cats are lucky.

'What's it like?' I say, because I've had a truly rubbish day at work and if I didn't have to go in tomorrow I wouldn't. I need cheering up.

'It's beautiful,' says Andy. 'The lake is gorgeous, it is so quiet, it's really gorgeous. You'll love it.'

'And the house?' says I.

'I saw the corner of it through the trees,' says Adventurer Andy, who is still puffing a bit, but I think the threat of bear attack has receded. 'But I didn't want to go up to it and peer through the windows in case the tenant thinks I'm a weirdo.'

He describes the drive fromTelford to Bala. He describes the little villages, the moments of driving
between hills and seeing scenery that made him go, 'Wow!' He describes the track leading up to the house; that we shall definitely need a 4 wheel drive car.

'I wish I had waited until Saturday so we could have seen it for the first time together,' he says.

But he is right in his reasoning of taking the opportunity to see the area today. Because if he had gone to see it, and hadn't liked it then there would have been no point in us going back on Saturday. Our new house is a place we both have to like in equal amounts.

We are a partnership. We are in this adventure together. Me and Adventurer Andy.

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