Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Much Malarkey Danger

We can't view 'our house' until next weekend. Not this weekend as we had hoped. This means waiting another week which is badly dangerous because is gives us another week to make crazy, daydream plans, and this could be setting us up for a hefty and disappointing fall, especially as we also now know that someone else is looking at it tomorrow. I was livid! How dare they look at our house! I came over all protective, but calmed down quite quickly because I don't want to appear a complete control freak house stalker.

Already we have decided on connecting the main house with the cowshed via a glass atrium like they do on Grand Designs. We've found the house on google earth and have decided that the configuration of buildings means this is possible, nay necessary. We are also thinking underfloor heating in the bathroom, and I am keen to get a couple of geese NOW to take with us when we move. They are to be called Hooter and Honker. Andy doesn't know this yet; it can be a surprise for him when he reads the blog.

I have also planned a Welsh slate house name sign. It is quite big, because it needs to have the words 'much' and 'malarkey' and 'manor'  carved into it. It looks very smart.

Wisteria for walls, and loads of lavender under the windows. Umming and ahhing about whether we could extend into the loft, but very keen to have underfloor heating in bathroom. Tybalt has requested a wood burner in the living room. I said yes, but only if he keeps a reasonable distance because I can't abide the smell of burning fur. There is currently an open fire in the living room, so a wood burner, regardless, would be a sensible option.

Another thing Andy doesn't know yet is that he will be rigging up as long washing line. This is a house that wouldn't be seen dead wearing a rotary line.

It's all dangerous stuff, this daydreaming.

But it is also fun stuff and is keeping me sane now that I am back at crazy school.

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