Monday, 10 September 2012

Is it? Isn't it?

We have found 'our house.' I am anxious about calling it 'our house' because it might be the kiss of death on the whole malarkey, but then I want to show some faith in the Universe that this house we have found has been put our way because it has been waiting for us.

Enough babble! We are travelling 5 hours at the weekend to go and and see this house. It is down a track and is reachable by four wheel drive only so we shall need to change our car. It has a large garden somewhere beneath the undergrowth that would give a jungle explorer the heebie- jeebies so we would need to get scythes and chainsaws and flamethrowers. It has a pigsty so we would need to get some pigs. It has a cowshed, so we would need to get some cows.

'No cows!' says Andy. He knows I would like a cow, but he is probably right, because this house is also on a hill overlooking a lake and the kind of cow I would get would likely be a dozy sort who would roll down the hill and plop into the lake.

This house has a wood burner and a very old range cooker. A VERY old range cooker. This house is a tip. It needs work doing on it in a renovatory sort of way. It has electricity. It has a private water supply. We shall need several giant skips before we can get anywhere near the nitty gritty renovations.

I can see geese walking through the garden of this house. I can see me and Andy sitting by the front door watching the sun go down over the lake. Of course, we'll be a bit stuffed if the sun goes down at the back of the house, but then we won't be put right on these assumptions until we visit.

I keep telling myself not to get too excited about this house. But I can't help it. Neither can Andy.


LynneFtWorth said...

Yee-Haw! Congratulations! I hope everything goes your way.

becslb said...

Have my fingers crossed for you! It's sounds fab and I hope it Iives up to your dreams!

Denise said...

Thank you both, you lovely ladies! We haven't heard back from the agent regarding seeing the house on Saturday, so I am feeling a bit antsy at the moment.

But if this really is our house, it will wait for us and be ours all in good time. And if it isn't, well, something else just as good will come along.