Sunday, 23 September 2012

There and Back

There and back to North Wales from Kent in one day.

Beautiful countryside. Stunning views. Peace and quiet.

A mini-adventure indeed.

Of course, the danger of being so certain about something, of building hopes up high, is that when you realise you are wrong, it takes a bit of recovering, a bit of tending wounds, of nursing self - doubt.

Recovering is what we are doing today.

Is the house for us? It turns out, then, that no it is not...

...but we went because it called to us. We took a chance. We've never been that crazy before. We did something new.

Back to square one? Not quite. We've taken the first step of our next journey. We've tested our resilience. We know a little bit more now of what we do and don't want.

The Much Malarkey Manor Adventure continues...


becslb said...

At least you know.... you'd be forever going "what if" if you hadn't taken that chance to go and see. The perfect house will turn up xx

Denise said...

Exactly what we thought on the way back yesterday. And it was a good unusual day!

Olly said...

I completely agree - you have to set your parameters, and every house that isn't right gives you a benchmark for the the one that will be perfect.

LynneFtWorth said...

You will know it when you see it. When you step up to the front door and it just feels like home.