Sunday, 9 September 2012

Would You Like..?

So, about five minutes after I posted yesterday's blog, the phone rang. It was the estate agent.

'The couple who viewed at lunchtime,' he said, 'absolutely love the house. They would like to make an offer.'

And he told me what the offer was. And it was considerably more than we had anticipated. And certainly more than one agent suggested we would achieve, so what did he know....HA!

'The couple have met with our mortgage advisor,' continued the agent, as I tried not to fall off the top of the stairs where I was perched, so excited was I, 'and all seems good to go. We have to do a few more checks on Monday and obviously the house will stay on the market until everything is finalised, but all is looking good.'

Well!Who'd have thought it!?

Obviously, we can't get too excited because an offer does not constitute an actual completed sale, and we've been stung before with people making an offer and then vanishing at the eleventh hour, just as the solicitors were poised to take their gallon of blood.

But we allowed ourselves a tiny 'WHOOPEE!' and had an indulgent evening eating chips and searching for houses on the internet because we have some sort of figures to work towards now.

We went through our list of twenty or so saved properties and deleted a third of them because they suddenly seemed wrong or were obviously too expensive. We found a couple of extra properties to add to the list. We tried to be restrained and sensible and level headed, which didn't always work but that could have been due to the consumption of a chocolate and courgette cake that Andy made in an attempt to whittle down the hundredweight of courgette we currently have blocking up access to the fridge.

Most of all, Pandora Kitten was very smug with her success at approving a nice family, and intends to set up a new business called 'Select Your House Buyers Via The Media of Kitten,' which I am not sure will take off especially with such a clunky title.

'It's a work in progress,' she said.


Olly said...

They obviously felt at home when they saw your house! I've always believed that you should follow heart, not head, when buying. Good luck with the search

Denise said...

Thanks, Olly! I agree...I believe you just 'know' when you walk into the right place...and somehow it happens that things work out and that is where you end up.

Eileen said...

Good luck! I know it's a stressful time waiting, but it would seem Pandora knows what she is talking about!

becslb said...

Good Luck! I hope your find the perfect house! xx

Olly said...

PS I love the new banner! Although I can't see enough cats :)

Andy said...

Phoebe is sitting next to me! You can just see the back of her head

Olly said...

Ah - now I see her, I couldn't believe you would have left one out! She's obviously behaving more sedately than Tybalt and Pandora.

Denise said...

Well, she has just had two operations! And she always treats the other two with the disdain they deserve, because they are so juvenile and she is so regal.

I had to get Andy to change his image because originally he drew himself facing forward wearing his hat and it looked like I was perched next to a dinner plate. 'Do your profile!' said I. So he did!

Thank you, everyone, for your messages of encouragement. We are feeling very scared by the sudden turn of events, yet very excited, too!