Monday, 3 September 2012

For Certain

If ever I needed reassurance that our Grand Malarkey Manor Adventure Move is the right thing to be doing, I got that reassurance today.

Because today I went back to work. And came home with a headache and the urge to eat at least half of the enormous chocolate cake Andy made yesterday. I didn't but it was a bit of a struggle.

It was all 'Ofsted...blah, blah...exam results....blah...lesson planning...blah di setting....achievement...blah, blah,, focus, blah, blah BLAH!'

And the children don't even come back until Thursday!

And returning home, which means I have to travel across the centre of a town that is in the middle of a year long programme of gas replacement road works, and being on the receiving end of the road rage of an idiot thug in a stupidly big car who kept beeping his horn in order to make me jump traffic lights and sit in yellow box junctions because he was fed up with the non-existent speed of traffic progress, and arriving home to hear three pitiful specimens of humanity sloping up the road effing and blinding and spitting and dropping rubbish in the form of sweet wrappers, well, I have had enough and living in the middle of nowhere has massive appeal now, I don't care what anyone else says.

(I didn't give in to the road rage moron, by the way. In fact, to my shame, I gestured out of the window and shouted  't***er' at him as he roared past and cut up another two lanes of traffic. But that is a symptom of being a teacher, I'm afraid. You spend all your day keeping patience, biting your tongue until it bleeds and tolerating some awful behaviour so tempers tend to boil up and spill out on the way home. Okay during winter when the windows are shut and the stereo is on loud; not so good when it's boiling hot and the traffic is nose to tail.)

Estate agent activity today - zero. We have been internetted, and I am in permanent cleaning frenzy mode - 'Don't walk on that/ sit on that/ touch that; I've just CLEANED it!'

Last night I trawled the entire width and length of Lincolnshire, and found 5 properties for our potentials list. Got very excited about an old coach house. Trying to contain excitement. I think this selling malarkey might be a bit of a long old slog.

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