Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advent Day 23

'And in today's Advent Box we have...' says Daisy.
'A bunny, a snowman, a butterfly, a dinosaur and a robot,' says Primrose. 'Ta dah!'
'Interesting combination,' I say. I am still recovering from the festivities of yesterday and am wondering if what I am seeing is a product of a sleep-starved Brian....I mean brain.

'Indeed,' says Primrose.
'They are from your granddaughter Kayleigh,' says Daisy.
'The bunny, the snowman and the butterfly are for you to hang on your Christmas tree,' says Primrose. 'She made them out of salt dough. You can treasure them forever.'
'I can,' I say. 'They can keep the Sheep Angel company,' and I hang them on the tree.

And then I turn my attention to the robot and the dinosaur. The dinosaur is eating the garland that is draped over the television and the robot is hoovering without the aid of a Hoover which is a feat indeed.

'And the robot and the dinosaur?' I say.
'Are what Kayleigh thinks you'd like for Christmas,' says Daisy. 'We asked her. We said, 'what would Gran like for Christmas?' and without a moment of hesitation she said, 'a dinosaur and a robot.'
'Right,' I say. 'The dinosaur is a bit on the big side, isn't it?'
'It depends what you plan to do with it,' says Primrose. 'I mean, it could be useful if, say, you needed to get onto the roof for any reason.'
'Highly unlikely,' I say.
'Or if you wanted to get through heavy traffic,' says Daisy.
'Stomp, stomp stomp,' says Primrose.
'Like Godzilla,' says Daisy.
'Is it carnivore or vegetarian?' I say.
'Does it matter?' says Primrose.
'In more ways than you could imagine,' I say, thinking of the Stilton, squash and cranberry pie I am making tomorrow for my personal delectation on Christmas Day whilst everyone else partakes of a poor demised goose.

The hens look at me and then at the dinosaur which has finished the garland draped around the telly and is now eyeing up the Christmas tree and a family-size box of luxury chocolate biscuits.
'We'll rehome it,' they say.
'Thank you kindly,' I say. 'Which leaves the robot.'

Actually, I am liking the robot. It has finished hoovering and is now buffing the oak floor in the hallway. As it goes it is touching up some scuffed paint work on the bannister rails.
'Does it clean windows?' I say.
'Ground floor only,' says Primrose. 'It's not very good at ladders.'
'Okay,' I say. 'The robot can stay as long as it does the housework. I could do with a bit of help after yesterday. And it'll be invaluable for tidying up before the next set of phantom house viewers arrive.'

Well, last day of Advent tomorrow. It feels, after yesterday, that Christmas has already happened. But it hasn't! Double Christmas Greetings to you all!

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doodles n daydreams said...

Merry Christmas Denise. It sounds like the party was a great success.
It's midday Christmas Eve here so I'll be signing off for a day or two soon.

blessings, Diana