Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advent Day 5

Sometimes you know what's in a box. And not because you go rooting through drawers and cupboards, or fight with dust bunnies under the bed in search of cunningly concealed Christmas pressies.

No. It's because you have been waiting for something you know is going to happen because a series of fortunate co-incidences have been working together behind the scenes and the Universe is working for you to achieve the best for you in a peculiar turn of life events.

'You've got a new job!' announce Daisy and Primrose in unison, as they fling open the Advent Box and a shiny new occupation jumps out and dances a nifty jive on the kitchen floor.

And indeed I do! And here is how it all came about.

Four weeks ago, I was on the website Gumtree. I can't remember what I was looking for - some craft item, or something to do with DIY I think - and I noticed that they had a jobs section.
'I didn't know Gumtree did job adverts,' I thought.

So anyway, I had a look and found an advert for an English teacher required to join a private tuition academy. Straight away, the urge was there to send an enquiry email, which I did, and thought no more about it.

A week later, a phone call from the principal of the academy. Would I meet him and his academy manager for an interview? I did. We all got on very well. The job would be tutoring small groups of students (no more than 12 in each group) at a centre, with my own teaching assistant to help, and with hours to suit me. I would be able to run classes how I thought best, and with my own methods. There would be no data analysis, no inspections, no unnecessary implementation of faddy methods. Just pure, honest, no nonsense teaching with students who want to learn.

Another week later, I have had two more phone conversations with the principal, who is asking my advice about different class focuses that could be set up. There is talk of me being a leader in the new centre that is opening.

And today, the arrival of the job offer. And a very good salary. I shall be able to work part-time evening and weekend hours, which will give me time during the day to be proper writer. Less hassle, more proper teaching, no behaviour issues, a variety of students from ages 5 to adult education. I am suddenly very excited about teaching again. I am even more excited that I shall have time to write properly.

It it the coming together of an ideal world, work-wise.

Advent. The keen awaiting of something new to arrive.

'You are keenly awaiting, aren 't you?' says Primrose.
'I am,' I say. All smiley!


doodles n daydreams said...

Well done Denise. Congratulations. What more could you ask from a couple of chickens and an Advent box. When does this new phase in your life begin?


Olly said...

Congratulations - worth waiting for!

Vera said...

Good luck with your new job. I am sure you will do very well in it, and good start for 2013.

Denise said...

Diana, thank you! All being well, the new job should start at the beginning of February, which will give a glorious six weeks to write, write, write!

Hi Olly! Yes, in hindsight, there has been a definite process going on these last few months. I am looking forward to tutoring in an environment like this. Best of both worlds. X

Bon soir Vera! Ca va? A good start for 2013 indeed. Enough work to stop me fretting, enough time to write properly, and ease to move on when the house sells. (We've had only one viewing in the last two months so heaven knows when a sale will arrive.) x

LynneFtWorth said...

Yay for you!I know you will be wonderful at that and enjoy it a whole lot more.

I am fixin' to get a new office partner to help me with my job in the new year so I am looking forward to that. (fixin' to is a Texas slang term that we just can't quit using)

Denise said...

I am liking the fixin' Deanna! I shall make it my 'Word of the Day' tomorrow at school and see how many of the kids I can get saying it before they go home! Good luck finding your new office partner.

LynneFtWorth said...

The definition of fixin' is:

getting ready to do something