Monday, 24 December 2012

Advent Day 24 - Christmas Eve!

I think Christmas Eve is one of the most special days of the year, don't you? All the planning and preparation, the anticipation of the day to come.

Already today I have done the washing up to date and got out all the Christmas crockery and table decoration stuff for tomorrow. I have spiced and baked the red cabbage and made a Stilton, squash, cranberry and walnut pie for us vegetarians. I have wrapped pigs in blankets, made a sausage meat stuffing ( there's dedication for you!), I have jellied the Jaffa cakes and fruit for the base of the MMM Christmas Trifle, and am currently stirring the custard as it cools (whilst listening to The Pickwick Papers on the radio) so it doesn't get a horrid skin on it and doesn't melt the jelly when I pour it on top.

I have made 2 telly appointments for the day, to watch a couple of favourite Christmas films and do some writing at the same time because they are films I know well so don't really need to watch them, but it's tradition and it is comforting and part of Christmas Eve. And in between film watching I shall Hoover, iron and dust, make some profiteroles, prep the veg, stuff the poor dead goose and listen to the Carol Service on the radio, and probably sing along very loudly and very badly.

So by the time Andy arrives home from work this evening, at around 7 p.m, and the Advent candles are lit to shine their way down to the final piece of wax, I shall have everything ready and will have enjoyed every minute of the preparation because it will be my bit towards making tomorrow a lovely day for my husband, and children and grandchild and anyone else who happens by.

And they can do the washing up!

And Andy and I can curl up on the sofa with the cats and a nice bit of supper for two and watch some silly Christmas telly, and chat and maybe play a game of Scrabble or sing some songs from musicals.

May your Christmas be happy and bright. May your Christmas jumper be not too cheesy. May you laugh until your sides ache at a cracker joke, may you have a moment in the day when you go 'Awwwww,' at something cute and heart-melting.

And may you feel the Spirit of Much Malarkey Manor which is sent to you wrapped by two chickens who aren't that great at wrapping anything really because of their lack of prehensile thumbs, but they tried hard, didn't you? ('Yes we did!').

And have a wonderful, wonderful day.

With much love from Andy, Denise, Phoebe, Tybalt, Pandora, Primrose and Daisy xxx

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