Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post-Christmas Hazards

1) New Slipper Fluff - lovely furry boot slippers from Andy and lovely ballet slipper slippers from Heather both generating copious amount of toe fluff. Getting to the point where I might just have to shave my feet.

2) Running Out of Ring Finger Crisis - wedding ring finger carries wedding ring, engagement ring and grandmother's engagement ring and now a new eternity ring. Knuckle lock is imminent.

3) How Long Has That Been in the Fridge For? - where you open the fridge and stare at leftovers and try to remember the order in which the originals were baked/ roasted/ concocted, then decide to run the food poisoning risk regardless because you can't bear anything to go to waste, and the fridge is VERY efficient, isn't it?

4) Sofa Slobber's A**e - it's done nothing but rain for three days, there are so many good films to watch on the telly, what's the point in moving? Until you want to move. And find you can't because your body has set in the film-watching position i.e legs tucked up under body, cat on knee, elbow across arm of sofa to prop up head. Not conducive to efficient walking.

5) Random New Planitis - the New Year is approaching. You can't help it. You want to change your life for the better. You want to be brilliant and perfect and banish all those bad habits in one fell swoop. Even though you know New Year Resolutions are a) pointless b) worthless and c) very likely to lead to massive disappointment and feelings of self-loathing when they inevitably burn and die, you still get all enthusiastic and excited about the impending arrival of 1st January. It's a disease. I think it is connected to the over-consumption of dry roasted peanuts.

6) Bin Bloat - when the packaging of all products Christmas- related becomes inversely volume proportionate to the contents that are actually to be kept and used. If only we could invent the Tardis bin. If only the local council would go back to weekly bin collections.

7) Minimalist Living Urge - when one gets fed up of trying to find an empty surface anywhere in the house because all is covered with Christmas 'stuff' and one really wants to declutter NOW but will only be accused of being a party pooper if one so much as takes down a single Christmas card before January 1st.

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Azara said...

So true. All of it! Although I'm not sure I have quite so many rings.